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Trevor Noah & DJ Black Coffee Converse With Each Other At ‘The Daily Show’.

Posted by on 16th October 2019, Under news

Trevor Noah & DJ Black Coffee Converse With Each Other At ‘The Daily Show’.

South African award winning disc jockey, DJ Black Coffee was opportune to have an interview today with comedian Trevor Noah, host for TV show ‘The Daily Show’.

Trevor Noah, is also a South African born both had a rapport with Black.

In the interview with the TV show host, Black Coffee revealed so many things concerning Africa and also revealed that he will be staying true to his root.

Speaking about his success, Black coffee said:

“It’s resilience. It’s knowing hunger. It’s knowing you have experienced it and you don’t want to go there. It’s working from nothing, knowing that you have nothing to lose. Whatever you gain is something. That is what has kept me going and what keeps me going today.”

In his chat with Trevor Noah, Black went further to say:

“We are trying to change the narrative about the continent. Maybe it is our fault; we have always seen Africa as an inferior place. All the best things were on TV, which means they were in America or Europe. It took so much away from the continent and we want to reverse that.”

“It is something that we really fought for since the beginning, to say we want to play on the global stage. I would like for the world to see that voice. I would like for the world to know that we are capable of being on the world stage. That is why I continue to try to collaborate with the greatest artists, being from Africa though, and still keeping the sound I believe in, because we have that voice.

“I am trying to create different platforms that will showcase that, not just conversation, but with action.”

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