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SA Rappers With The Highest Booking Fees 2019

Posted by on 14th October 2019, Under news

SA Rappers With The Highest Booking Fees 2019. Ever wondered how much your favourite SA rapper charges per booking? Well, SA hip hop mag is about to feed that curiosity.

At this point there are various ways to determine what it specifically takes for an artist to charge a certain amount for booking. But, it is quite obvious that for one to charge a bit high is because of how in demand their music is, the vastness of their fan base and how successful their music have been in terms of sold records or numbers.

In SA we have artists who charge an amount that pretty much makes it clear why they forever flexing and dripping.

Some may have already assumed but yes the biggest names in the industry such as AKA, Cassper and Nasty C are in the top 5 of the SA artists with highest booking fee.

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