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Khuli Chana Reveals Why He Disappeared In Music & Decided To Have A Comeback

Posted by on 14th October 2019, Under news

Khuli Chana Reveals Why He Disappeared In Music & Decided To Have A Comeback. When Khuli Chana disappeared from the spotlight after dominating charts and becoming people’s favourite rapper it raised a lot of questions.

Most people assumed that he went broke and was as good as washed out. A few years back he made his comeback and has since been working on reviving his career and making other big moves within the industry.

“I wasn’t aware that I’ve been away for so long, right? Because I was just also making other moves. So in this gap, you know, maybe I became a little corporate-y. I found a new hustle and I also found, I also discovered, that there’s life after music,” said Khuli speaking to The Plug magazine.

“That was always my fear, like if there’s life after music, right? So became a bit of a creative entrepreneur. The stuff I was doing with Absolut really moved me into interesting spaces. From winning that gold Cannes award and a couple Silvers and Loeries and Bookmarks and then, you know, did some more traveling, did a lot of speaking. All of a sudden I was a speaker,” he added.

He went to reveal that being a a business man made him more money than what he did when he was perfoming.

“I was making double what I make while performing so you know the scale had tipped a bit. But it was interesting because it introduced me to another world of creatives.”

Chana revealed why he was a bit reluctant on making his comeback in music.

“I’ll be real with you, I was so conflicted by that for the longest, right? Because you know how they say rap is a young man’s sport and here you are in your 30s still rapping, and you’re starting to catch a complex.

“And the minute I started like embracing my age, and being a grootman to some and still being like


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