How to add plywood to your home’s interior?

The idea of decorating the interior with wood has gained popularity in recent years. It takes the warmth of the little brown grains to bring the brightest spaces to life. And plywood is the new interior design sensation because it’s affordable and easy to work with. These are ways to add plywood to your home décor and add a new Scandinavian dimension to your home.

Plywood floors

When you look at places you’d decorate with wood in your home; your eyes will immediately look on the floors and ceiling. If you want to renovate your floors or replace your old-school carpet with brown grains, then you should think of plywood floors. They are easy to clean and maintain even in busy living spaces.

Built-in benches

Plywood built-ins and storage units come in handy in an educational setting. You can then paint the units with a bold color to make an impression. You can also try to finish a few sections of the built-in bench with the same stain as other finishes in the room to create a more cohesive look.

Dynamic reception

Receptions are extremely useful since they need to make a positive impression on anyone entering the workspace while still being fully functional. Design the reception to your office with some wild waves of hardwood plywood to capture everyone’s attention.

Storage solutions

What you store in a home office or library needs to be accessible and visible. Built-in cubbies and cabinets painted in white can give your room a playful vibe that meshes well with a reading setting and offer lots of functional storage space.

Showcase ceiling

Often considered the fifth wall, the ceiling is a great option you can leverage to enhance your interiors. Plywood panels add interest and warmth to a ceiling that would otherwise be dull and lacking interest. Plywood would also go well with a curved ceiling because it’s foldable and easy to cut.

Bed headboards

With plywood’s light wooden finish, your bed headboard will be the focal point of your bedroom. However, you can opt to cover it with a fabric or paint it if you need a different finish. Using plywood to accent your bedroom could also be a cheap option.

Plywood is a versatile interior design material that can be used in several rooms, including the kitchen bedroom or all over the house. If your creativity meets chic and inexpensive design, you can pull off these and many more plywood interior design ideas listed in Tylko’s article on designer plywood furniture: